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1 [IMPORTANT] FORUM RULES on Wed Jun 02, 2010 3:17 am

Here are the rules and policies to be remebered and followed throughout the forums.

1. Be POLITE! Talk in a fine and educated way. Be as friendly as you can.

2. NO BASHING! Do not make bad comments about something or someone you don't like! If you don't like it, leave the topic and do not insult.

3. Be FAIR. Do not be BIAS! Be fair and give the other genres chance! Respect every individual preferences. If you hate that genre do not waste time making bad comments.

4. NO COMMENTS like this one.."Oh this [GENRE] is way better than this [GENRE]." "[GENRE] sucks! [GENRE] FTW!"

5. Do not post comment on every pictures on the gallery! Use the special section to make a comment. Do it like this [COMMENT] Topic Name to comment on. e.g Re:[COMMENT] AsiaHolics Pic

6. Be nice on the chatbox.

7. If you're gonna download data from us, like videos, mp3 and others, and you plan to reupload them, please do not forget to give CREDITS.

8. On posting replies to the other topics, we have 4 words minimum policy. Do not simply post replies that are worthless, such as haha, hehe, nice. Take time to make replies.

9. NO DOUBLE POST! If there's mistake or you want to add something more on your post, you can edit it.

10. Do not post too much large videos and large pictures! So that the bandwith of the forum won't exceed.

11. Last! We are not experts on forum making, if you would like to make suggestions, feel free to contact any ADMINS or MODS.

Thank you and have a nice stay on the forums ^^

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