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Miliyah Kato - Last Love 06/09

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1 Miliyah Kato - Last Love 06/09 on Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:09 am



Kato Miliyah (加藤ミリヤ) is a Japanese pop / urban singer-songwriter. She debuted back in 2003 as a featuring artist and debuted solo with, "Never let go / Yozora" in 2004. Her debut album, "Rose" was a big success reaching #2 on the Oricon charts and making it into the top 100 albums of the year. She is under the Mastersix Foundation sub-label of Sony Music Entertainment.

  • [2005.10.26] Rose
    [2007.03.07] Diamond Princess
    [2008.04.02] TOKYO STAR
    [2008.11.05] BEST DESTINY (Best Album)
    [2009.07.08] Ring
    [2010.07.28] Heaven

Kato Miliyah promoting RING (2009)
  • [2004.09.08] Never let go / Yozora (夜空; Night Sky)
    [2004.11.17] Beautiful
    [2005.03.24] Dear Lonely Girl (ディア・ロンリーガール)
    [2005.09.21] Jounetsu (ジョウネツ; Passion)
    [2006.02.01] Sotsugyou (ソツギョウ; Graduation)
    [2006.07.19] Last Summer
    [2006.09.27] I WILL
    [2007.02.07] Eyes on you
    [2007.05.30] My Girl feat. COLOR
    [2007.06.20] Love is...
    [2007.10.17] LALALA / FUTURECHECKA
    [2008.02.21] 19 Memories
    [2008.09.24] SAYONARA Baby / Koishiteru (SAYONARAベイベー/恋シテル; I Am In Love)
    [2009.01.28] 20 -CRY-
    [2009.05.13] Love Forever (Kato Miliyah x Shimizu Shota)
    [2009.11.18] WHY
    [2010.02.03] FOREVER LOVE (Shimizu Shota x Kato Miliyah)
    [2010.03.24] BYE BYE
    [2010.06.09] Last Love

Kato Miliyah promoting "WHY" (2009)

CD Tracklist
  • Last Love
    Last Love -Instrumental-

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2 Re: Miliyah Kato - Last Love 06/09 on Sun Jun 06, 2010 1:19 pm


i really love kato's latest release... <3 Last Love is one of her best songs


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3 Re: Miliyah Kato - Last Love 06/09 on Sun Jun 06, 2010 11:56 pm


it's really good. because kato is great at ballads. but i think her ballad releases from last year were a bit stronger.

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