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[NEWS]Orange Caramel’s “Magic Girl” is Plagiarized?

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NEWS MOD/ Writer
NEWS MOD/ Writer

…and the plagiarism continues. After the recent Hyori scandal with her plagiarism accusations, netizens have found evidence that newly formed trio Orange Caramel’s debut single “Magic Girl” might be plagiarized.

Seems like plagiarism is a never ending cycle in KPOP and now it has affected the new girl trio formed from members of After School, Orange Caramel. Orange Caramel released their debut single earlier this week “Magic Girl” and to those who follow JPOP as well might notice a striking similarity. The song “Magic Girl” bears a striking resemeblence to Saki Nakajima and Mai Hagiwara’s ”Hare no Platinum Doori”, which was released two years ago. Take a listen below.

Saki Nakajima and Mai Hagiwara’s “Hare no Platinum Doori”

Orange Caramel’s “Magic Girl”

Netizens have also noticed that the “Magic Girl” music video borrows many influences from a previous Christian Dior Ad. Check it out yourself.

Dior Commercial:

The most obvious “influence” would be towards the end of the music video for “Magic Girl”, member Nana flies into the air holding onto balloons while a view of the city is behind her which is similar to what happens to the model in the commercial and ad. However, that is not the only thing that netizens have discovered that are similar. Netizens have pointed out that the colorful outfits that Orange Caramel wear in the music video are similar to what the model in the ad and commercial wear and even go into extreme detail stating that the sweets, cupcakes and the entire concept from this Dior ad was plagiarized for the “Magic Girl” music video.

What do you think? Did Orange Caramel plagiarize the song and concept for the music video or was Orange Caramel just inspired by these previous works of art?

1st video source: 23ifpsi83
2nd video source: yunakimdaebak
3rd video source: iheartsofia

credits: mangomonster @ omgkpop // umbrella_smile @ omona //

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In my opinion... it's two times plagiarism...

The songs resemble each other a lot at some points, not only the refrain

and the clip basically is a copy of the commercial, even the cities that they show in the end are the same, Paris (You can see the Eiffel-tower in the distance...)

It's kinda sad that it's this sub-unit, which was created to PROMOTE After School, ends up commiting plagiarism, but it's probably not their fault, but the management's fault.

thats why its too jpoppish.... but i cant blame them....

But I think Magic Girl is better than the Japanese song >.<

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