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1 DEATHGAZE on Fri Jun 11, 2010 5:51 pm


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Info taken from Wikipedia:

Deathgaze (デスゲイズ, desugeizu?) is a Japanese metal band with a visual kei style akin to many other contemporary Nagoya-based bands.

Deathgaze was formed in the summer of 2003 by Hazuki, Ai, Naoki, and Kanna. After releasing their first single, "294036224052", vocalist, Hazuki, left in spring 2004 to form his own band, Lynch. Guitarist Kanna also left in 2004. As replacements, vocalist Sou and guitarist Naoto joined the group in late 2004. The band released several more singles and their first album, before Sou left in late 2006 to marry. In March of 2007, the band announced an eighth-month long hiatus.

On November 11, 2007, the band officially ended their hiatus with the bassist Ai becoming the vocalist. They continued as a three-member band until March, 2008 when Kosuke was added on bass guitar. [1] On April 26, 2009, guitarist Naoto retired from the band and from music, but he stated that if possible in the future he would return. Since Naoto's retirement, Takaki (ex. ASS'n'ARROW) has played live support guitar for the band, while Ai contributed guitar work to "The Continuation" and "Blood." Takaki was added as an official member on November 20, 2009.

As of 2009, Deathgaze has released ten singles (one being a re-release) and three albums. Ai is the main composer and lyricist of the band, even when Hazuki was still a member. He is also in charge of art direction for their CD releases. The band also performed under the session name Knohhoso (野っ細), playing cover songs of older and popular Japanese rock bands. Knohhoso also featured Ai on vocals.[center]


* Ai (鐚依 or 藍) – vocals (2008-present), guitar (2009-present), bass guitar (2003-2007)
* Takaki (貴樹) - guitar
* Kosuke (孝介) - bass guitar
* Naoki (直樹) – drums

[edit] Previous members

* Hazuki (葉月) – vocals (2003–2004, now in Lynch.)
* Kanna (柑那) - guitar (2003-2004)
* Sou (宗) – vocals (2004–2006)
* Naoto (直人) – guitar (2003-2009)

This is currently my favorite band. their music is very different from other visual bands. Ai's soothing vocals is a must listen. and the drum work is kick ass. anyways there is so much I can say about them but I suggest you guys check em out yourselves! youtube has a lot of their music.

I recommend the following tracks for now.

Sinner - this song has 2 versions one is with their old vocalist Sou.
Evoke the world
Goodbye my earth
Love song - has 2 versions as well

anyways check em out and post your comments here. enjoy!

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